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About us

The Merighi Arte firm, founded by Franco Merighi in 1964, started out by focusing on artistic metalworking in the cemetery and furnishing sectors.
Near the end of the 1970s, the firm became interested in artistic lost-wax casting, adapting the techniques of casting with ceramic shells, common in the aerospace industry, for casting artistic objects in bronze, silver and brass. The result is a system of production combining modern serial technology with the quality of artisan handcrafting.
We use this system to make sculptures in multiple series: works by great sculptors (such as Zauli, Ghermandi, Avanzolini, Rontini and Tomba), in limited editions with guarantees. With these sculptures, we take part in a great number of gallery shows and international fairs, making new contacts with many artists and exhibitors.
We also have a personalized line of funeral accessories based on exclusive models made by eminent sculptors (such as Marchesini, Franchi and Armieri), which stand out from competitors for their excellent design and quality.
In the furnishing sector, our ever-expanding collaboration with designers and architects is behind the creation of special or small series pieces.
In the late 1990s, the company’s management passed to the founder’s son Massimo, who kept true to the company’s principles and developed its technological side, entering the arena of monumental sculpture.
This made us able to produce large works, examples of which are sculptures depicting Salvo D’Acquisto (Viale XII Giugno Bologna), Padre Marella (Opera Marella headquarters, Bologna), Guglielmo Marconi (G. Marconi airport, Bologna), St. Peter and St. Paul (Church S.Paolo di Ravone, Bologna), Father Elia Facchini (Reno Centese), La Pietà dell’Altomare in the Cathedral of Andria (Ba), B.B. King and Ray Charles in Montreaux (Switzerland). Impressively large works include “Cooperando” by Nicola Zamboni and Sara Bolzani, a group of human figures over ten meters tall located in the Manutencoop headquarters in Zola Predosa (near Bologna) and the large “Ianua Mundi” stela by Luigi E. Mattei, a bronze entry door over seven meters high, very visible in the park of Gima Spa in Zola Predosa.

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