Merighi Arte

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Monumental works


Merighi Arte originally focused on making small works, eventually achieving results that joined the excellence of materials and the attention to detail that is a defining feature of the lost wax casting technique.

In the late 1970s, the foundry extended its scope and its technological equipment to make increasingly large sculptures, reaching its current range of options from objects a few centimetres tall to many-meter-tall statues and entry doors, always maintaining the same high quality level.

Our monument line includes a plethora of pieces for wide ranging functions, all sharing a common feature: the ability of each artist to interpret and shape his or her work with total originality.

Pieces range from classic representations of sacred art for Catholic religious sites to beautiful entry doors of funeral chapels in Bologna; from commemorative works on public sites, dedicated to individuals or communities, to large symbolic works commissioned by private parties.

“Guglielmo Marconi”, by M. Marchesini. Gift from Lions Club Bologna for the centenary of the first transoceanic broadcast, unveiled 17/11/2001. Airport of Bologna.

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