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Sculptures and multiples


Within the many facets of Merighi Arte’s artistic work, we focus special attention on producing small and medium sized pieces cast in as a unique piece or in a limited series (multiples).

In addition to works done on commission for sculptors and galleries, the foundry works with well-known artists with whom we have ongoing relationships to conceive and make limited series of some sculptures, which are numbered and come with a certificate of guarantee.

Alongside unique pieces made by illustrious artists such as Enzo Pasqualini, Luciano De Vita, Glauco Fiorini, Raimondo Rimondi, Stefano Baschierato, Miguel Ortiz Berrocal, Valerio Cattoli, Antonio Caselli, Alfonso Borghi, Giacomo Cavina, Hans Adolf Pierre Schumann, and Davide Scarabelli, among our contemporary artists, we have numbered editions of multiples by renowned artists the calibre of Cleto Tomba, Carlo Zauli, Quinto Ghermanti, Virgilio Guidi, Venanzio Baccilieri, Adriano Avanzolini, Antonio Arena and Angela Cassanello.

A special mention is owed to the production of prizes and medals made specially to commemorate events (for example, the European Enterprise Award sponsored by the European Parliament: 1988 Edition, dedicated to Italian businesses), some of which bear the signature of artists working in sculpture (e.g., “Dialogo” by F. Martani: City of Sasso Marconi-BO award for Communication, Development and Citizenship, 2005 to 2008 editions) and sometimes painting (Medal, “L’ultimo covone” by G. Covili: L’uomo per la terra, FAO, Rome 2001).

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