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The furnishing


Our focus on artistic works ensures that the works we make are well-suited to diverse purposes as ornamental complements.

Starting with simple furniture complements, such as handles for drawers or knobs for doors, we also make modern wall decorations, and functional items, such as clocks, chandeliers and table.

And, of course, figurines for decorating bookcases and desks, small masterpieces created by well-known sculptors, or larger works replicated in smaller versions.

The photographed pieces present an ample selection popular for gift giving, some made specifically for promotional purposes, such as for corporate gifts. The smallest pieces, in brass, bronze and silver versions, were specifically designed as wedding favours.

We are always at the ready to design models based on all kinds of inspirations.

Finally, we have full-fledged furnishing pieces made on commission, such as a bronze front for a fireplace made to the architect’s specifications, an example of our creations’ versatility and ease of customization.

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